WFH—working from home—is an aspect of our business landscape that appears here to stay.

What took hold during the COVID-19 pandemic was already brewing as employers tried to offer flexible options to their workers.

Even though many employees are back in the office today, owners and workers are still taking advantage of the flexibility available with technology that allows them to work from anywhere periodically. At the same time, given economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever that everyone has access to key business information for accurate, informed, and quick decision-making. This holds true in the scrap metal recycling industry, where people may be located at multiple yards and owners may be in other locations.

ScrapWare Corp. has responded to these changing industry needs with the development of ScrapMail.

This new ScrapWare feature allows users to quickly and efficiently distribute essential reports and other documents with a few quick clicks.

ScrapMail was developed in response to the needs of scrap metal recyclers in a changing economy.

ScrapWare Corp. has been providing software to the scrap metal recycling industry for more than 30 years and is constantly assessing what tools the scrap metal industry needs to stay profitable and competitive. ScrapMail will allow ScrapWare documents such as reports, tickets, or settlements to be emailed to a pre-selected group of people with two quick clicks, no longer requiring saving pdf. files or printing hard copies.

Here is how it works:

Traditionally, to share documents such as reports with co-workers, owners, or vendors, a user would be required to manually run each report and save each report as a .pdf file. Then, each pdf. file would have to be manually attached to an email, the email addressed to individual recipients and sent.

Alternatively, in some companies, users would manually print each report, collate it, and distribute it to each interested party.

Using ScrapMail, a pre-selected group of reports or other documents can be run all at once via the “Batch Direct Print” function. Then, with one click, this group of reports can be automatically emailed to one or more recipients.

Other key features:

To alert email recipients that an important document has been sent to them, ScrapMail can automatically send a text message to everyone on the distribution list, giving them a heads up that the information is in their email inbox.

ScrapMail allows scrap metal recyclers to customize their emails by adding company logos as a “watermark” on the emailed document. This watermark verifies the authenticity of the reported information and adds another layer of professionalism to the finished product.

Using ScrapMail scrap metal recyclers can:

  • Keep remote employees, off-site or traveling owners, managers, or other scrap yard personnel up to date with current reporting.
  • Use branded emails to convey important information to commercial and industrial vendors.
  • Save time by eliminating the need to manually run each individual report and distribute it digitally or physically.

ScrapWare Corp. has been at the forefront of innovation to improve recycling operations with software that allows recyclers to harness their full potential in an ever-changing environment. The development of ScrapMail makes it easier to distribute and acquire actionable business data, enabling scrap metal recyclers to make better, more timely decisions, which is important in this era of economic volatility. Business News Daily in a report last month, predicted increased use of software tools to facilitate a mobile workforce.

Industry experts were quoted as saying that today’s workforce is “increasingly mobile, collaborative and dynamic, and comprises multi-generations, all with different communication preferences,” which represents “a unique challenge when it comes to staying connected while on the job.”

About ScrapWare Corporation: Since 1989, Rockville, Maryland-based ScrapWare Corporation has been the software of choice for the recycling industry. Its ease of installation and simplicity saves users time and money, while helping them achieve compliance and maintain accurate business insights. With state-of-the-art functionality that‘s tailored to each organization’s unique requirements, ScrapWare is an advanced dynamic software solution that alleviates the most pressing recycling industry worries. For more information, please call (301) 517-8500 or visit