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Many businesses have moved their operations to the digital realm, replacing outmoded paper transactions with streamlined software and online applications. Despite this transition to tech, a large number of firms still rely on paper for one critical element: signatures. There are real costs and risks to organizations that continue this reliance on paper-based documents. They’re fragile, destructible and can easily be misplaced. Human errors frequently occur in their preparation. And, they’re prone to being illegible. Implementing the right electronic signature (e-signature) solution mitigates these risks by allowing users to sign paperwork digitally.

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E-signature apps streamline the business process, reduce errors, and remove bottlenecks while simultaneously increasing security and flexibility. ScrapWare recently partnered with DocuSign, the national leader in the e-signature arena, to produce ScrapScribe™, a proprietary system that facilitates e-signatures throughout all aspects of a recycling company’s business. ScrapScribe™ enables users to seamlessly send ScrapWare documents to DocuSign for signature. This includes dispatch tickets, purchase quotes, purchase contracts, packing lists and more. Documents can be easily be viewed on any device and can be printed when necessary.

DocuSign Print Queue
DocuSign Print Queue.

Robust features. Effortless integration. Big rewards.

Utilizing e-signatures throughout business processes has been proven to offer some serious benefits:

Reduced costs and improved efficiency:
E-signatures eliminate the potential lag time in new business opportunities, allowing deals to close faster. There’s no need to waste precious time physically delivering, printing and/or scanning documents.

Increased compliance: Legal and compliance problems stemming from inaccurate or incomplete documents can be eliminated with e-signatures. Companies can be exposed to legal and business risks when an outdated contract is inadvertently used, contains the wrong terms, or includes incorrect or missing information. Additionally, it’s important to be able to confirm that documents have been signed off by the necessary parties to avoid audit or compliance issues.
Improved experiences for vendors and consumers The ability to manage accounts remotely allows businesses the flexibility to better meet the needs of individual customers and vendors. E-signatures are a more convenient way to conduct business, allowing for an easier, less complicated experience for everyone involved.

ScrapScribe™ is available on Apple and Android mobile devices.

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We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier.

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier. We are now on our third version and as our business has grown, ScrapWare has had a valuable contribution in assisting us with this growth.

Brian Henesey
Rocky Mountain Recycling