Anti-Theft Compliance

Scapware anti theft

Anti-Theft Compliance: Safe, Strong, Simple

Complying with federal, state and local anti-theft laws can be a challenge. ScrapWare makes anti-theft procedures part of your daily practice for both retail and commercial purchases.

Driver’s License Scanning

Scan driver’s licenses and they will immediately and permanently be associated with a purchase ticket. For a retail vendor, a license can serve as an ID card after you scan it.

Scrapware digital thumbprint

Signature and Thumbprint Capture

Permanently link signatures or thumbprints with a purchase ticket, and reproduce the data for any ticket requested by police.

Scrapware digital camera

Network Digital Camera Interface

Linked with the scale interface, this option enables you to take photos manually or automatically. You can even configure clusters of cameras to take photos simultaneously. Once you permanently associate photos with a purchase ticket, you can print or save them as files and/or send them via email or upload to Leads Online.

Scrapware tag and hold

Tag and Hold

Depending on your local and state laws, mandates about tag and hold can be complicated. ScrapWare helps simplify this tedious process (and avoid being shut down) by supporting tag printing for specific commodities.

Scrapware payment methods

Payment Methods

With ScrapWare, you can determine whether cash, check or split payments are most appropriate depending on your local anti-theft laws. ScrapWare supports ATMs and Cash Dispensers so cashiers never have to handle cash—reducing the potential for internal theft by employees and robbery.

Anti-Theft Reports

State and local governments keep moving the target when it comes to anti-theft compliance. We have you covered, now and into the future. ScrapWare generates a variety of reports, including Anti-Theft, Police, Peddler, Tag-and-Hold and specific state and local reports to keep you in full compliance.

Scrapware data files

Data Files

Several states require scrap recyclers to upload anti-theft data files. If it hasn’t already, this requirement could show up in your area at any time. ScrapWare supports BWI, Leads Online, Texas DPS and several other state and custom formats.

Have questions about anti-theft compliance? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer.

Speaking of compliance…

We love that ScrapWare can easily do it all

Florida has many things it needs for anti-theft law compliance. We love that ScrapWare can easily do it all and have the photos of each ticket attached for any future reference. We can email them or print them for law enforcement at any time.

Rose Mock
Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.

Today, we have all the ScrapWare modules installed and have started using an ATM to pay for scrap purchases in cash.

Today, we have all the ScrapWare modules installed and have started using an ATM to pay for scrap purchases in cash. Our customers love that they no longer need to go to the bank to cash or deposit their scrap checks. And because our employees never handle the ATM cash, we are able to keep tight controls on the payments and keep our employees safe.

Brian Powell
William F. Sullivan & Co., Inc.