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Scrapware Quotes and Contracts

Track, Process, Profit: Quotes & Contracts with ScrapWare

How do you handle the myriad of details related to the quotes and contracts you’ve issued and received? Most industry members don’t have a comprehensive view of the daily activity of their quotes and contracts. They monitor crucial information only for sales contracts and poorly document purchase deals—causing confusion and costly delays when vendors deliver material.

Those recycling businesses aren’t using ScrapWare. ScrapWare provides you with a simple and efficient way to produce, track and process each quote and contract. With our software’s insights, you can improve your productivity and adapt your Purchase and Sales decisions according to ever-changing market conditions. Our customizable Quotes & Contracts module supports open pricing, formula pricing linked to price books, recurring quotes and contracts, and more.

End-to-end ease

ScrapWare’s user-friendly design expedites every aspect of processing quotes and contracts. Recyclers across the country rely on ScrapWare’s Quotes & Contracts module capabilities to simplify costly and often complicated processes. Use it to rapidly create quotes and then track those you’ve issued to vendors as well as quotes you’ve received from consumers.

Then, when you’re ready to make the deal, you’ll save time by easily converting quotes into contracts—all in one module. You can also produce purchase or sales contract orders and reports to manage shipment or receipt against your contracts.

Our Quotes & Contracts module helps boost your bottom line: Quickly determine which Consumers offer the best prices for a given commodity, view open and closed quotes and contracts with vendors or consumers, and decide what material to ship first. You can measure vendor performance against promised delivery tonnages and adjust pricing accordingly.

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Insight into results

ScrapWare allows you to relate a sales contract to one or more purchase contracts through our Brokerage feature. You can use it to efficiently establish back-to-back or one-to-many brokered deals. After establishing the relationships between contracts, a variety of brokerage reports are available, giving you insight into the profitability of your brokerage activity.

Track our success

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Hear it directly from satisfied ScrapWare users:

ScrapWare easily integrates with QuickBooks so my accounting needs were also met immediately. The system was very easy to learn, and as Premier Metal Services has grown, ScrapWare has been able to meet our needs.

Michael Eisner
Premier Metal Services, LLC

The accounting and transaction controls are perfect fit for our entire business. ScrapWare enables us to keep finger and eye on the pulse of our operations with information available about any aspect of our operations through a few simple clicks of the mouse, with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Vincent Costanza
All Scrap Metals, LLC
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