Truck Dispatch Module

Accurate, end-to-end truck dispatch just got easier.

Say hello to the simple yet advanced dispatch system you’ve been looking for. Like other ScrapWare modules, our Truck Dispatch software is easy to use and offers everything you need for efficient, accurate fleet management.

Watch this brief overview video to learn more about ScrapWare’s Truck Dispatch Module.

Rest easy and let the Truck Dispatch module do the hard part.

Just fill in the blanks and the Dispatch scheduler gets to work. It starts by processing your data to determine the best fleet scheduling and timing. It even notifies the dispatcher about any service priorities. Data accuracy is never an issue either. The Dispatch module comes with a color-coded entry screen, pop-up menus, and field validation features that ensure correctness.

Scrapware truck dispatch rolloff truck

Keep track of those important milestones.

ScrapWare’s Truck Dispatch tool gives you the control you need in the way that works for you. Customize printed dispatch tickets according to your requirements. Multiple containers can even be applied to a single ticket if you prefer. The Dispatch tool automatically assigns a number to each ticket and places incomplete orders in the queue until they’re ready.

Enjoy complete visibility from start to finish

No more second-guessing driver activity or overlooked steps in the process. The Dispatch tool gives you the end-to-end visibility you need for excellent results every time. Rely on it to:
Precisely schedule container movements and vendor servicing.
Share real-time updates on truck fleet activity, driver activity, and productivity.
Show the total cost of materials.
Simultaneously dispatch at multiple locations while reporting to one central location.

Amp up your dispatch efforts.

As powerful as the Dispatch module is on its own, when it’s connected with other ScrapWare modules, the sky is the limit. Connect it to the Purchases tool to instantly convert active dispatch tickets into commercial tickets. The result? You’ll slash the time needed to process incoming commercial material. And when it’s combined with the Container Tracking module, the Dispatch tool provides accurate, real-time location reports that boost efficiency and reduce waste.

Detailed custom reporting is just a click away.

The reports available from off-the-shelf products are no match for ScrapWare’s Dispatch module. We offer a huge selection of reports to fit your unique business needs. Many can even be customized with your specific parameters! ScrapWare’s Dispatch reports include:
map pins
  • Dispatch Scheduling
  • Dispatch Analysis – Detail
  • Dispatch Analysis – Vendor
  • Trip Miles
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Delay – Summary
  • Yard Delay
  • No Load Report
  • Fleet Miles Analysis
  • Fleet Trip Analysis
  • Mileage by Truck
  • Driver Productivity
  • Dispatch Reporter
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What do customers have to say?

We use the Dispatch module and are happy with how it works.

We use the Dispatch module and are happy with how it works. It too is easy to use, and the forms are easy for our drivers to complete.

Rose Mock
Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.

We use ScrapWare for our transportation service company…

We use ScrapWare for our transportation service company because the Dispatch side works in tandem with the Purchase module, while also providing the necessary DOT reporting.

Aaron Hill
Atlantic Recycling Group, LLC