Truck Dispatch Module

Scrapware Truck Dispatch

Truck Dispatch Made Easy

Like all other ScrapWare modules, Dispatch combines advanced functionality with simplistic usability.

This intuitive module uses a color-coded interface, pop-up menus and field validation to ensure accurate data entry. After you fill in the blanks, the Dispatch Scheduler processes your data to handle fleet allocation and timing. It even presents vendor servicing priorities to the dispatcher.

Making Dispatch work for you

Our Dispatch module handles tedious processes while giving users control over important milestones. The module allows you to customize printed Dispatch Tickets according to specifications, or apply multiple containers to one ticket. Dispatch automatically assigns a number to each ticket—and holds incomplete tickets in a queue until they’re ready.

Gain complete visibility over processes

Dispatch gives you complete visibility over activity and processes—from start to finish. Rely on it to:

Conduct precision scheduling for container movements and vendor servicing
Receive updates on truck fleet activity, driver activity and productivity
See the total composite costs
Simultaneously dispatch at multiple locations while providing reporting to one central location

Integrated processes for smoother dispatch

While this module is powerful on its own, it may be interfaced with other ScrapWare modules.

When interfaced to the Purchases module, the scale operator can convert a previously-issued Dispatch Ticket into a Commercial Ticket. This “first-time final” data capture further reduces the amount of time required to process an inbound load of commercial material.

When combined with the Container/Trailer Tracking module, Dispatch gives you precise, immediate location reports.

Detailed reports at your fingertips

Dispatch provides the following in-depth reports—which may be run using one or more parameters—and analyzes your dispatch requests:

Push Pins On A Road Map
  • Dispatch Scheduling
  • Dispatch Analysis – Detail
  • Dispatch Analysis – Vendor
  • Trip Miles
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Delay – Summary
  • Yard Delay
  • No Load Report
  • Fleet Miles Analysis
  • Fleet Trip Analysis
  • Mileage by Truck
  • Driver Productivity
  • Dispatch Reporter
What do customers have to say?

We use the Dispatch module and are happy with how it works.

We use the Dispatch module and are happy with how it works. It too is easy to use, and the forms are easy for our drivers to complete.

Rose Mock
Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.

We use ScrapWare for our transportation service company…

We use ScrapWare for our transportation service company because the Dispatch side works in tandem with the Purchase module, while also providing the necessary DOT reporting.

Aaron Hill
Atlantic Recycling Group, LLC