In the scrap metal recycling industry, data is king.

Keeping track of incoming material, inventory, shipments, and prices can help you make informed decisions to increase profitability. But how do you quickly get this business intelligence into the hands of your key employees and decision-makers so they can take action and boost profits? ScrapWare has the answer: ScrapMail.

What is ScrapMail?

ScrapMail is a powerful data reporting tool that streamlines custom report distribution for scrap yard managers. No more wasting time printing and distributing hard copies or manually saving and emailing PDF reports.

With ScrapMail, you can send real-time data reports to your team in just two simple steps:

  1. In the ScrapWare “Reports” Module,” click on “Batch Reports/ScrapMail”
  2. Choose your recipients

That’s it! Your team can now read your reports on any device, anywhere.

How Can ScrapMail Make Your Yard More Profitable?

According to the time management company Timeular, “quick decision-making is probably one of the most important abilities to have in our fast-paced world.”  It states, “Having the capability to make good and quick decisions can help you become more productive because it helps you save time and make better use of your resources.”

This holds true for scrap metal recyclers. By reducing information lag, ScrapMail empowers your key decision-makers with the data they need to make swift, informed choices that boost efficiency and profitability.

With ScrapMail’s easy user interface, you can quickly distribute high-level summaries and detailed breakdowns about:

  • Products and Pricing
  • Tickets
  • Inventory
  • Customers
  • Contracts
  • And more!

For 35 years, ScrapWare has been dedicated to improving recycling operations through innovative, time-saving, and money-saving tools. ScrapMail is the latest addition to our suite of game-changing solutions for the scrap metal recycling industry.

Don’t let an outdated data reporting tool hold your scrap yard back. Embrace the power of ScrapMail and watch your profits soar!

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