Most scrap yard owners rely on tools in standard accounting software to process the financial functions of their business—purchases, sales, and payroll. 

For scrap metal recyclers, using the Ledger Interface Module in ScrapWare software can turn this routine task into an opportunity to increase your scrap yard’s profitability.

How ScrapWare’s Ledger Interface Module works

ScrapWare’s ledger interface is easy and seamless.  ScrapWare users simply integrate this ScrapWare module with their current ledger package. The ScrapWare Ledger Interface Module automatically flows purchase and sales data generated in ScrapWare to the ledger package you already use, be it QuickBooks, Great Plains, MAS, Acuity, or any other popular solution. From there, your ledger software processes the data, and the information is sent to the appropriate accounting journal—Disbursements, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Journal.  The result is to streamline the accounting process while increasing accuracy. 

Getting the most from your ledger software:  How ScrapWare increases scrap yard’s profitability

  1. Integrate ScrapWare with your current ledger package.  If you are looking to get new software to run your scrap metal recycling business, with ScrapWare, you can keep your existing ledger package.  This saves you the time and expense of buying and implementing new software for your accounting needs. 
  2. Increase accuracy, eliminate redundancy.  ScrapWare’s effortless connection with ledger software delivers time savings and better precision.  Automatic validation prevents duplicate exports.  You also get first time-final data processing, meaning you will not be required to enter the same information in duplicate systems.  With these better processes in place, you will spend less time on double-entry accounting and there will be fewer opportunities for user error. 
  3. Get a better handle on your finances.  With the seamless integration of ScrapWare software into your existing ledger package, you will more easily have a bird’s eye view of your business financials.  This will enable you to make smart, accurate, data-driven decisions. 
  4. User-friendly software saves time.  The ScrapWare Ledger Interface Module is easy to install and easy to use, meaning a scrap yard owner and staff will have it up and running in no time.  In this way, they can reap the benefits of efficiency and accuracy right away.

Scrap metal industry experience and cutting-edge technology combined in ScrapWare Ledger Interface

The proof of the success of ScrapWare’s Ledger Interface Module is how it works for its customers.  As they report, ScrapWare’s ledger interface eases processes for customers across the country.  This is, in part, because over the past 35 years, ScrapWare has worked alongside our scrap metal recycling customers to continually refine its software to meet the ever-changing needs of the recycling industry.  Working with our team of programmers, database engineers, and customer service specialists, ScrapWare combines longstanding knowledge and industry experience with cutting-edge, state-of-the art technology.  ScrapWare is continually investing in and enhancing its software offerings.  Most ScrapWare customers work with the company to improve and develop their software as their scrap business needs change, establishing a long-time working relationship with ScrapWare. 

About ScrapWare Corporation: Since 1989, Rockville, Maryland-based ScrapWare Corporation has been the software of choice for the recycling industry. Its ease of installation and simplicity saves users time and money while helping them achieve compliance and maintain accurate business insights. With state-of-the-art functionality tailored to each organization’s unique requirements, ScrapWare is an advanced dynamic software solution that alleviates the most pressing recycling industry worries. For more information, please call (301) 517-8500 or visit