Product Overview

Scrapware Operations

Harness the Potential of Your Operations

ScrapWare is the leading software choice for the recycling industry—and for good reason. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and it saves you time and money, all while helping you achieve compliance and maintain accurate views of your business.

Backed by the best

We understand the challenges you’re up against, and we designed a product that responds. Our expert team consists of programmers, trainers, support personnel, and other specialists who continuously look for ways to upgrade and enhance ScrapWare, ensuring it keeps pace with the changing industry.

Best of all, we designed ScrapWare with the end user in mind. The intuitive interface streamlines even the most complex processes, integrating them into your employees’ daily workflows.

Your comprehensive, customized solution

ScrapWare is dynamic software the way you need it, designed to alleviate the worries that keep you up at night, from anti-theft compliance to inventory management.

Because nothing is one-size-fits-all in the recycling industry, we can customize forms, reports, ledger interfaces, and more based on your unique needs. We advise you along the way to ensure the choices you make now allow for easy upgrades and changes moving forward.

Scalable and flexible, ScrapWare grows with your business and seamlessly integrates with other software. With ScrapWare, redundant, repetitive tasks are a thing of the past.

Cover All Your Bases

ScrapWare gives you control over all critical data processing tasks with modules for managing:

Scrapware Purchases


Buy right every time, quickly, in accordance with an ever-increasing list of laws.

Scapware anti theft

Anti-Theft Compliance

Comply with local, state, and federal regulations using a variety of robust features, from license scanning to required daily data uploads.

Scrapware Quotes and Contracts

Quotes & Contracts

Easily document all purchase and sales deals and avoid confusion at time of delivery or shipment.

Scrapware Sales


Gain tighter control over your shipment and sales process along with greater visibility of transaction histories.

Scrapware Track Inventory


Manage and market your inventory more efficiently to earn top dollar from the sale and make decisions based on real data.

Scrapware Truck Dispatch

Truck Dispatch

Process and track Dispatch Tickets swiftly while improving fleet and driver allocation.

Scrapware Container Tracking

Container Tracking

Know the locations and durations of stay for all your containers and trailers.

Scrapware Ledger Interface

Ledger Interface

Save time by automatically flowing ScrapWare purchase and sales data to your ledger package, such as QuickBooks, Great Plains or MAS.

A Record of Satisfaction

The greatest measure of our product’s success is the satisfaction of our customers. Here’s what a few had to say about ScrapWare.

We have used ScrapWare’s platform to run our business for over 18 years.

We have used ScrapWare’s platform to run our business for over 18 years. They have kept up with our desires for customized reporting and design changes as our company has grown from one location to five. We also use ScrapWare for our transportation service company because the dispatch side works in tandem with the purchase module, while also providing the necessary DOT reporting.

Aaron Hill
Atlantic Recycling Group, LLC

The cloud offering is a huge benefit.

The cloud offering is a huge benefit, and product updates have maximized system performance. We have no hassles nor worries around data safety and security.

Timothy Millard
Baroni Recycling

Within five days of my incorporation date, the people at ScrapWare had my system installed and operational

Within five days of my incorporation date, the people at ScrapWare had my system installed and operational. ScrapWare easily integrates with QuickBooks so my accounting needs were also met immediately.

Michael Eisner
Premier Metal Services, LLC