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Scrapware Purchases

Control Your Purchasing Process

Nothing impacts your bottom line like your purchasing process. Time is money, making efficiency a top priority. You must also ensure compliance with an increasing list of federal, state and local laws and regulations while protecting against internal and external theft.

ScrapWare allows you to exercise complete control over your retail and commercial purchasing processes and anti-theft compliance: Comprehensively document every aspect while deterring theft. Our point-of-purchase system is both advanced and easy to use, streamlining and safeguarding your purchases and settlements.


Intuitive, integrated, insightful

Our ScrapWare Purchases module hosts several features—queues for unpaid or incomplete tickets, automatic ticket number assignment, a void mechanism and more—but never feels daunting. The front end simulates your printed ticket with an electronic form and includes an intuitive fill-in-the-blank design, giving you easy access to an assortment of pricing methods. You can even run the module via keyboard and mouse or touchscreen. The Purchases module interfaces with other ScrapWare modules including Dispatch, Contracts, and Inventory.

The Purchases module seamlessly integrates with a variety of hardware, providing you with the benefits of first-time final data capture. These systems include:
Scrapware scale system

Popular scale systems

ScrapWare Purchase Contract, Dispatch, Brokerage and Inventory modules
License scanners
Scrapware digital capture pad
Digital Signature Capture Pad
Scrapware digital thumbprint

Thumb print capture pads

Scrapware digital camera
Scrapware payment methods
ATMs and cash dispensers
ScrapWare also provides insights into your purchase and vendor activity, even across multiple sites: Accurate reporting allows you to view what you’ve purchased, from whom you purchased it and where that purchase took place, all in one central location. Generate a variety of reports, including cash out, purchases by commodity or class, and detailed or high-level vendor activity.

Improve Your Purchasing Process

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Here are just a few comments about our Purchases module from satisfied ScrapWare users:

We are very happy with our ScrapWare software for our scrap metal purchases.

We are very happy with our ScrapWare software for our scrap metal purchases. We find it very user-friendly and flexible for our needs

Rose Mock
Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.