Purchases Module

Wish you had a better handle on your scrap yard’s bottom line?

ScrapWare’s Purchases module might be just the answer! It’s designed to streamline and simplify the purchase process, boost efficiency, be user-friendly, and make sure you comply with that growing list of anti-theft laws. Plus, hardware integrations allow you to capture data by entering it just once, where it remains with the ticket from scale to cashier. And all of this is backed up with detailed insights that let you see what you’ve purchased, who it was from, and where – all with a few clicks. Get ready to take control of your purchases today!

Watch this brief overview video to learn more about ScrapWare’s Purchases Module.

Simplicity starts with ScrapWare

The ScrapWare Purchases module makes it easy to take control of your purchases – regardless of your transaction volume. Enjoy rapid, effortless processing with prompt notifications for unpaid or incomplete tickets, automatic ticket number assignment, a void mechanism, and more. Plus, the software’s user-friendly design comes with an intuitive fill-in-the-blank format that simulates a printed ticket. And you can run it right from your keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen! Did we mention you can easily integrate this module with other ScrapWare modules? Add Dispatch, Contracts, and Inventory for a comprehensive software solution that does all the work for you!

With ScrapWare’s Purchases module, you can increase efficiency with seamless integrations!

Get all of your operations in order when you connect ScrapWare’s Purchases Module to your other hardware, including:
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Popular Scale Indicators
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License Scanners
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Signature and Thumbprint Capture Pads
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ATMs and Cash Dispensers

ScrapWare offers world-class security and compliance.

ScrapWare helps you keep up with anti-theft laws and internal theft prevention. With our point-of-purchase system, you’ll get advanced protection that’s also easy to use – making sure your purchases stay safe, secure, and authenticated! Plus, the detailed documentation ensures that all your purchasing processes are tracked for compliance. That way, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got everything under control.

A bird’s eye view of your purchasing activities puts you in control.

Get an overview of what’s been bought, from whom, and where – all in one place. Plus, you can quickly generate daily closeout reports and commodity and vendor activity reports at any time – simply with a few clicks of your mouse! Make smarter decisions with the help of this powerful module.

Ready to get more purchasing power?

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Here are just a few comments about our Purchases module from satisfied ScrapWare users:

We are very happy with our ScrapWare software for our scrap metal purchases.

We are very happy with our ScrapWare software for our scrap metal purchases. We find it very user-friendly and flexible for our needs

Rose Mock
Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.