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Inventory: Stock Up on Valuable Intel

As an inventory-based business, you need a firm grasp on what you have in stock, at what yards and at what costs.
ScrapWare’s Inventory module puts all this vital information at your fingertips.

Set up, maintain and manage your inventory in three ways:

1. Regrade

Regrade allows you to regrade purchased raw material to finished goods and/or one or more commodities. You can also use Regrade to move weights and/or costs from one material to another.

2. Transfer

Transfer lets you move material between yards or from one division to another within the same yard, with or without cost information.

3. Finished Goods

Finished Goods enables you to place processed, packaged finished goods—such as bales and boxes—into your inventory. Interface this subsystem with the Sales module to remove finished goods from inventory after shipment.

Use your Inventory module as a business asset to:
Define commodity categories, classes and subclasses
Track average pricing based on perpetual weighted moving average cost
Modify the perpetual weighted average cost
Print and scan barcode tags for finished goods inventory
Accurately enter data guided by a color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation
Integrate with other ScrapWare modules seamlessly for greater efficiencies

See the difference with ScrapWare

With our Inventory module, you can effortlessly generate reports that provide the most accurate picture of your inventory volumes and costs, regrades of material, transfers between yards and within yards, and finished goods.

Inventory screenshot
Built-in reports include:
  • Summary Transfers
  • Detail Transfers
  • Transfer Activity
  • Detail Regrades
  • Detail Invoicing
  • Summary Finished Goods
  • Detail Finished Goods
  • Inventory Valuation
  • WIP Valuation
  • Overall Inventory Position
To find what you need fast, run reports using multiple parameters, such as date range, commodity name, or class.

Experience the power of ScrapWare and the Inventory module for yourself. Contact us to schedule your web demo now.

Within five days of my incorporation date, the people at ScrapWare had my system installed and operational

Within five days of my incorporation date, the people at ScrapWare had my system installed and operational. ScrapWare easily integrates with QuickBooks so my accounting needs were also met immediately.

Michael Eisner
Premier Metal Services, LLC