Why ScrapWare Is the Solution for You

ScrapWare is the recycling industry’s premier brand of software because the product—and our people—help solve your most pressing challenges.

Here’s what makes us your best option.

1. Benefit from the best

Don’t alter your processes according to rigid technology. We created ScrapWare to support businesses solely within the recycling industry, making its capabilities and functionality specific to your unique needs.

Beyond technological expertise, our team’s years of hands-on experience in the recycling industry keep us in tune with everything you’re up against. For example, ScrapWare has securities in place to prevent theft—of scrap, money and identities—so your mind is at ease and focused on growing your business.

Customers appreciate our responsive, friendly support staff.

2. ScrapWare does it all—fast

With an intuitive, automated interface powered by Oracle, the ScrapWare solution has robust capabilities but remains easy to use. Manage materials, cash, shipping, sales and inventory with peak efficiency.

Customers everywhere rely on ScrapWare to:

  • Comply with state and local anti-theft laws
  • Quickly process vendor payments
  • Efficiently manage shipments and sales
  • Gain visibility over inventory in real-time

3. Our solution grows with you.

One of ScrapWare’s most significant differentiators is its flexibility. Designed to be customizable and scalable, ScrapWare serves your operations today and well into the future. We’ll work alongside your team, thinking proactively about potential shifts in the industry or technology to ensure any configurations won’t get in the way of future upgradeability.

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We’re Here for You 24/7

In the rare instance you may have an issue with ScrapWare, simply reach out to our team by phone or email for help.

“The technical support is instantaneous on a 24/7 basis.”
—Michael Eisner, Premier Metal Services, LLC
Support Phone Number
(855) 249-1828
Support E-mail
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