Container Tracking Module

Scrapware Container Tracking

Simplify Container and Trailer Tracking

ScrapWare’s Container Tracking module has advanced capabilities—but that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Backed by an intuitive design and seamless integration capabilities, Container Tracking is the simplest option for tracking containers and trailers on the market.

Robust functionality for more efficient tracking

Leverage this module to reduce manual, redundant tasks while gaining visibility over your rollingstock.

When using Container Tracking, simply fill out an electronic form to set up the current container or trailer inventory and select the current location of each asset. We designed this module to ensure accurate data entry using a color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation.

Via Container Tracking, you can track the asset type, purchase date and any notes about the inventory. You can access updates on container location, and determine container and vendor turnover.

Maximize your container tracking potential

Container Tracking simplifies your processes as a standalone module, but for additional functionality, you can interface it with the Truck Dispatch module.

Depending on your workflows and unique environment, there are two simple ways to move containers: the “Movement Form” function or the Truck Dispatch module. Whichever method you prefer, you’ll be provided with precise, after-the-fact location reports for your container moves.

Download container locations to mapping software, and this top-of-the-line module will provide you with a detailed street map of container locations throughout your operating area. You can then use these maps to help your dispatch staff optimize scheduling for your trucks.

Access up-to-date information

Container Tracking produces in-depth reports that may be run using one or more parameters to help you manage your inventory. Reports include:

Container/Trailer Inventory
Container/Trailer Offsite
Container Exception Report
Container/Trailer Onsite
Container/Trailer Turnover
Vendor Turnover Report


Considering all the tools and equipment we have purchased over the years…

Considering all the tools and equipment we have purchased over the years, ScrapWare remains the standout decision to enable the control and confidence—to know where we are and grow our business with confidence.

Vincent Costanza
All Scrap Metals, LLC

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier.

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier. We are now on our third version and as our business has grown, ScrapWare has had a valuable contribution in assisting us with this growth.

Brian Henesey
Rocky Mountain Recycling
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