Container Tracking Module

All the tracking tools you need—in one convenient place.

ScrapWare’s Container Tracking module is packed with powerful features that are a sinch to use. Better yet, it can provide the detailed location information you need in an instant and it’s ready to connect with your other software. That adds up to a powerful yet simple way to stay on top of your containers and trailers.

Watch this brief overview video to learn more about ScrapWare’s Container Tracking Module.

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Are you wasting valuable time chasing down your inventory?

Then you’ll welcome the efficiency that’s built into our Container Tracking module. Its advanced capabilities make it easy to track your containers with precision. Just fill out the electronic form to set up your current inventory and the location of each asset. The module even comes with a user-friendly color-coded entry screen, helpful pop-up menus, and field validation to ensure accuracy. Then you’re ready to track the asset type, purchase date, and any other details about the inventory. You can even get instant updates on container location and turnover. And, the Container Tracking module comes with the functionality you need to automate those irritating manual to-dos.

There’s strength in numbers.

As a standalone module, Container Tracking will simplify your processes and improve your efficiency. But when it’s combined with ScrapWare’s Truck Dispatch module, you’re in for a whole new level of visibility. You’ll get precise location reports for your container moves. Need more detail? Download your container locations to mapping software and this powerful tool will give you a detailed view of container locations throughout your operating area. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to optimize the schedule for your entire fleet!
Push Pins On A Road Map

Container management just got easier.

The Container Tracking tool produces detailed reports that can be customized for your operations. Now you can manage your inventory in the way that suits you best. Standard reports include:

Container/Trailer Inventory
Container/Trailer Offsite
Container Exception Report
Container/Trailer Onsite
Container/Trailer Turnover
Vendor Turnover Report
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Considering all the tools and equipment we have purchased over the years…

Considering all the tools and equipment we have purchased over the years, ScrapWare remains the standout decision to enable the control and confidence—to know where we are and grow our business with confidence.

Vincent Costanza
All Scrap Metals, LLC

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier.

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier. We are now on our third version and as our business has grown, ScrapWare has had a valuable contribution in assisting us with this growth.

Brian Henesey
Rocky Mountain Recycling
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