About Us

More than 30 years ago,
Joe Floam established ScrapWare in suburban Washington, D.C.

While initially focused on custom work, the business grew to become the innovative operation it is today. Their customer base has expanded all over the country, and ScrapWare has become the premier brand of software for the recycling industry.

Joe Floam

Our People

ScrapWare’s expert team of programmers, trainers, support personnel and other specialists shares familiarity with the technology marketplace and its impact on your operations. We’ve combined our recycling industry expertise and knowledge to create a savvy, friendly group of professionals working by your side.

Whether you worry about streamlining your processes, anti-theft compliance or anything in-between, the ScrapWare team is here to help alleviate that worry.

Some of our customers have used ScrapWare for over a decade, relying on us for support as their business grows. These long-term customer relationships are a testament to our ongoing engagement and investment in customer success.

Our Product

If you buy, process, transport, sell or broker recyclable materials—metals, plastics, paper, glass, electronic scrap—ScrapWare can help you improve efficiency and compliance.

We’re always working to improve ScrapWare, ensuring it keeps up with industry changes to effectively reduce your transaction processing costs while gaining greater insight into your business.

Because every operation is different, ScrapWare is customizable depending on your specific application and reporting needs. We’ll help you determine the optimal ScrapWare configuration for your business, keeping an eye on the future and how your needs might change with time.

To learn more about ScrapWare or get a first-hand look, request a Web Demo.

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Watch our customers grow

ScrapWare is more than a technological solution. It’s a support system.

Take it from our customers.

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier.

We have used ScrapWare for the past 10 years and could not be happier. We are now on our third version and as our business has grown, ScrapWare has had a valuable contribution in assisting us with this growth.

Brian Henesey
Rocky Mountain Recycling