When high turnover creates headaches, savvy retention solutions provide relief.

In 2021, an average of more than 3.95 million workers quit their jobs each month, the highest number on record.

Dubbed the “Great Resignation”, its effects continue to be felt around the world and in virtually all business sectors, wreaking havoc on everything from fuel to food and even toys and games. And, this tidal wave of historically-elevated churn shows no signs of stopping.

Over the years, the recycling industry has faced its share of challenges in hiring and retaining workers. Today, the situation is further complicated by an economy in which workers are quitting and changing jobs at record rates as they seek better pay, benefits, conditions, and flexibility. This hypercompetitive hiring landscape calls for some serious adaptations. What’s the key to reducing employee attrition? The experts say it all boils down to one thing: creating an attractive place to work. If you’re feeling the pressure from endless employee turnover, the following five measures can help you attract and retain those hard-to-come-by quality workers.

1. Provide opportunities for growth.

Studies reveal that one of the best ways to show employees that you value them is by offering plentiful opportunities for learning and advancement. Workers in both white- and blue-collar jobs are hungry for this vote of confidence so demonstrate your appreciation by supporting their career trajectories. Encourage the pursuit of professional development opportunities, especially in areas that may be outside of their wheelhouse. Whether it’s specialized software training, an online course, or a mentorship session, professional development gives employees the chance to learn and flourish.

2. Bolster what you have to offer.

Another tangible way to show employees that they are valued is by offering competitive wages and benefit packages—and making sure they are adequately communicated. From signing bonuses to wage increases, recycling companies are doing what they can to boost compensation. Take it a step further by going beyond the paycheck because the future of work is going to involve a greater degree of flexibility. While recycling will continue to rely on people being there to get the job done, savvy strategies will be needed to attract and keep them. Building an iconic culture and offering handsome rewards will pay off in a number of ways. Even if your company does experience inevitable turnover, you can recover quickly and stand out when recruiting talent. And your quality former employees may even come back if you construct a positive offboarding process.

3. Deliver a better work experience.

Efforts to improve workplace culture are always smart investments. Think beyond the recycling aspect of your business and expand the scope so that people are your primary focus. Regardless of their role or industry, employees are seeking purpose, and that means giving them more than just a job and an hourly wage. The best organizations are able to blend a sense of purpose with opportunities for workers to contribute to something greater than themselves. Take steps to foster connectedness by educating each person on the importance of what they are doing and the positive influence the recycling industry has on shaping the world. Support that effort with robust tools and technologies that enable workers to master their jobs, as well.

4. Strive to create a user-friendly workplace.

Explosive turnover creates unique challenges, including an abundance of new workers who are on perpetual learning curves. The last thing they need is a daunting laundry list of complex tasks and cumbersome processes. Every job is more difficult when the tools are complicated and the processes are unwieldy, adding to the likelihood that workers will abandon ship for something easier. Tech can be particularly off-putting. In the recycling sector, firms turn to ScrapWare for simple, straightforward recycling software that gets the job done. ScrapWare becomes part of the solution because it’s easy to learn and use, especially for novices. Designed with the end-user in mind, its intuitive interface streamlines even the most complex processes, seamlessly integrating them into daily workflows. ScrapWare readily integrates with existing software and eliminates time-wasting redundant tasks, too.

5. Offer ample support.

Left to their own devices and without adequate direction, workers can quickly become overwhelmed and disengaged. This is particularly true for new employees who trying to learn and adjust to new environments, cultures, technologies, and procedures. Head off disenchantment by delivering supportive tools and assistance that will help employees master their respective tasks. Seek out technologies that are user-friendly and offer exceptional service. ScrapWare offers renowned customer care and support that are unparalleled in the industry. When issues arise, the help desk is always available to provide friendly, knowledgeable assistance. At ScrapWare, no appointments are necessary for customer service. Support is available 24/7 with multiple support channels via email, text, or phone.

No one knows what the end result of the Great Resignation will be but many experts believe it will permanently change the employment landscape. Smart, forward-thinking organizations will remain focused on adapting quickly and creating quality workplaces that are built for retention.

Frequent employee turnover requires a robust, multifaceted response. In the recycling industry, ScrapWare represents a vital part of the solution. To learn more about ScrapWare and how it can benefit your organization, please contact our helpful professionals.

About ScrapWare Corporation: Based in Rockville, Maryland, ScrapWare has been providing visionary software solutions to the scrap metal recycling industry for over 30 years. The company uses an Oracle database to provide a cloud-based software solution to manage all aspects of the recycling business. With numerous modules, extensive technical support, remote installation, and online training, ScrapWare helps recycling companies improve their compliance, efficiency, and profitability. For more information, please visit ScrapWare’s website or call 301-517-8500.