The cost of fuel and fleet maintenance has become an increasing cost for scrap metal recyclers today. 

Rising prices for keeping trucks on the road are eating into profits for recycling businesses. A premier brand of truck dispatch software, designed specifically for scrap metal recyclers, can help reign in some of these costs by increasing efficiency for your trucks, be it one vehicle or a large fleet.

For scrap metal recyclers, the movement of material is key to profitability, so software to improve its efficiency increases the bottom line.  Skyrocketing fuel prices have added a new and important benefit to the use of truck dispatch software:  gaining measurable fuel savings by software-assisted route optimization and asset tracking.

The Importance of Software Made for Scrap Metal Recyclers

The purpose of truck dispatching software is to help a company deploy their truck fleets and rollingstock as efficiently as possible.  The software may help keep track of trucks and containers, communicate with drivers, and provide them with routing information.  The demand for this type of information has led to a proliferation of off-the-shelf truck dispatch software products that can be used by any type of business.  The downside of this type of solution is that it does not integrate with your entire operation.  An industry-specific software will seamlessly coordinate with the purchases, inventory, contracts, and accounting systems of your business. 

In the scrap metal recycling industry, a good truck dispatch software will be able to boost your business in the following five ways:

  1. Provide complete visibility over activity and processes, from start to finish.
  1. Conduct precision scheduling for container movements and vendor servicing, this allows for routing and fuel optimization.
  1. Provide updates in real time on truck fleet activity, driver activity and productivity.
  1. Calculate total landed costs of materials.
  1. Simultaneously dispatch from multiple locations while providing reporting to one central location.

Gaining Efficiencies

Armed with this knowledge in an era of rising fuel prices, scrap metal recyclers can monitor inefficient fuel usage.  For example, if a truck is dispatched to pick up a container, but that container can’t be retrieved because it is physically blocked, the recycler can recoup a fuel surcharge from the vendor because a second truck trip will be required.  Container and truck movements and locations can be tracked in this way to eliminate or charge extra for wasteful trips. 

ScrapWare Corp. offers a state-of-the-art truck dispatch module as part of its software solution specifically for scrap metal recyclers.

Like all ScrapWare modules, Truck Dispatch combines advanced functionality with simplistic usability.  Its intuitive design uses a color-coded interface, pop-up menus and field validation to help ensure data accuracy and make it simple for scrap yard staff.  After you fill in the blanks, the Dispatch Scheduler processes your data to optimize fleet allocation and timing.  It will even present the dispatcher with vendor servicing priorities.  ScrapWare can customize and print dispatch tickets, apply multiple containers to one ticket and assign a number automatically to each ticket.

The Truck Dispatch Module is powerful as a stand-alone product, but when teamed with ScrapWare’s other modules, it can seamlessly integrate with all other aspects of a scrap metal recycling business. 

When interfaced with the Purchases Module, a scale operator can convert a previously issued Dispatch Ticket into a Commercial Ticket.  This “first-time final” capture of the data reduces the amount of time required to process an inbound load of commercial material.  When combined with the Container/Trailer Tracking Module, Dispatch provides precise, immediate location reports.

The reports available from ScrapWare’s Dispatch Module make it stand out from off-the-shelf products.  ScrapWare can provide an endless array of reports to fit a particular business need.  Some of ScrapWare’s Dispatch reports include:

  • Dispatch Scheduling
  • Dispatch Analysis – Detail
  • Dispatch Analysis – Vendor
  • Trip Miles
  • Trip Delay
  • Trip Delay – Summary
  • Yard Delay
  • No Load Report
  • Fleet Miles Analysis
  • Fleet Trip Analysis
  • Mileage by Truck
  • Driver Productivity
  • Dispatch Reporter

With no end in sight to rising fuel prices, now is the time to install industry-specific truck dispatch software to reign in these escalating costs.  Easy-to-use route and fuel-optimizing solutions could be just a few clicks away!

About ScrapWare Corporation: Since 1989, Rockville, Maryland-based ScrapWare Corporation has been the software of choice for the recycling industry. Its ease of installation and simplicity saves users time and money while helping them achieve compliance and maintain accurate business insights. With state-of-the-art functionality tailored to each organization’s unique requirements, ScrapWare is an advanced dynamic software solution that alleviates the most pressing recycling industry worries. For more information, please call (301) 517-8500 or visit