Optimizing your assets is a key to unlocking profitability in business. 

This holds true for some scrap metal recyclers, who utilize truck fleets to obtain scrap. For recyclers an important consideration is whether rollingstock is being managed to its maximum potential and whether office staff has the tools to integrate dispatch activity with the rest of operations to increase efficiency.  For a scrap metal recycling business, putting in place the right kind of dispatch software can help achieve both of those goals.

What is Dispatch Software?

Dispatch software has been increasingly used in recent years by businesses that have to send vehicles or personnel out to service customers or deliver goods, businesses such as: home services, appliance repair or parcel delivery.  It is a digital tool that helps a company better manage who they send into the field and integrates that function with other business operations, from sales to accounting.  Without truck dispatch software, a business must rely on whiteboards, email systems and online or paper calendars to manage the task of scheduling service in the field or fleet management. In the scrap metal recycling industry, dispatch software can help a company optimize its rollingstock and keep track of containers to increase efficiency, accuracy and ultimately profitability.

Benefits for Scrap Metal Recyclers   

For a scrap metal recycling company, a good dispatching software facilitates an overall smoother business operation. Its main benefits are:

1 – Helps to expertly manage and optimize rollingstock.  Adds efficiency to dispatch scheduling and allows dispatches to be staged in advance.

2 – Allows for quicker response time in dispatching drivers and servicing vendors. 

3 – Puts dispatchers, drivers and vendors all on the same page in real time, allowing dispatchers to stay connected with what’s going on in the field. This provides better reliability and communication.

4 – Tracks metrics and revenue.  Provides a birds-eye view of container movements and vendor activity.

5 – Connects dispatch data to other elements of the business to save office staff time and increase accuracy and reliability. Reduces time needed for back office operations by automating tasks.

6 – Provides important scalability.  It can help a growing scrap metal recycling business work with a bigger fleet of containers, expand into a new geographic area, and accommodate a larger employee base.

Top Features

Good dispatch software for scrap metal recyclers will be:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install and integrate with your business.
  • Able to link to other software modules to enhance its benefits and optimize efficiency across your business.
  • Cloud-based so that it can be utilized anywhere from different devices and backed up safely and securely in the cloud.
  • Scalable with the growing needs of your business.
  • Industry specific, designed exclusively for scrap metal recyclers.

ScrapWare Corp., a software provider for the scrap metal recycling industry, has offered a Dispatch Module in its industry-specific software for the past 30 years.  ScrapWare’s Dispatch Module distinguishes itself by pairing advanced functionality with an intuitive, straightforward usability, including the following features: 

Easy to use interface.  A color-coded interface with pop-up menus and field validation ensures accurate and easy data entry.  After the user fills in the blanks, the Dispatch Scheduler processes the data to handle fleet allocation and timing.  It will even present the dispatcher with vendor servicing priorities.

Ticket printing.  Print customized dispatch tickets according to specifications or apply multiple containers to one ticket.  The Dispatch Module automatically assigns a number to each ticket and holds incomplete tickets in a queue until the work is completed.

Scheduling Capability.  Conduct precision scheduling for container movements and vendor servicing.  It even allows users to simultaneously dispatch from multiple locations while providing reporting to one central location. 

Notifications.  Receive updates on truck fleet activity, driver activity and productivity.

Reporting. The ScrapWare Dispatch Module provides clear information allowing users to see total composite costs and other important information.  It produces a number of in-depth reports that provide a clear picture of all activity including dispatch scheduling, analysis, trip miles and delays, fleet miles analysis, mileage by truck, driver productivity and many others.

ScrapWare’s Dispatch Module can be interfaced with other modules for greater efficiency.  For instance, pair it with the Purchase Module and a user can convert a dispatch ticket into a commercial ticket without entering any new data.  This “first-time final” data capture reduces the time to process an inbound load of commercial material.  Users can also link to ScrapWare’s ScrapScribe™ electronic signature function, making it easier for drivers to obtain vendor signatures.

Container Tracking Module

When linked to the Dispatch Module, ScrapWare’s Container/Trailer Tracking Module gives its users precise and immediate location reports.  Like the Dispatch Module, ScrapWare’s Container Tracking Module also provides reports that compile and illustrate information about inventory, turnover, location and more.

When considering what software solution is the best fit for your company, evaluate what functions are most important to your business.  Is it “first-time final” data capture, integration with the rest of your business, ease of use and good training?  Prioritize what will best match the needs of your company and make sure to get a software solution that includes all the necessary functionality. Undoubtedly, dispatch software can help a scrap metal recycling company get its arms around how to manage its rollingstock. It is one important step toward digitizing and automating your scrap metal recycling business to optimize its operations and profitability. 

ScrapWare Corp., of Rockville, MD, has been providing software to the scrap metal recycling industry for over 30 years.  ScrapWare uses an Oracle database to provide a cloud-based software solution to manage all aspects of a recycling business.  With numerous modules, extensive technical support, remote installation and online training, ScrapWare helps recycling companies with compliance, efficiency and profitability. Check out ScrapWare’s website, read the user testimonials, and see its offerings for your recycling software solution.