From Rose Mock – Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.

We are very happy with our ScrapWare software for our scrap metal purchases.  We find it very user friendly and flexible for our needs.  Florida has many things it needs for metal theft law compliance.  We need: Scanned drivers license, eye and hair color, weight, height, any tattoos and/or indentifying marks, current address (which may or may not be on their driver’s license), employer name, address and telephone number, year, make model of vehicle and trailer.  We need to capture pictures of all non-ferrous materials with electronic signature and thumb print.  We must also capture a picture of the customer when they collect.  All this needs to be stored for 3 years.

We love that ScrapWare can easily do ALL of the above and have the photos of each ticket attached to it for any future reference.  We can email them or print them for law enforcement at any time. The tickets are easy to read and the programs are easy to use and understand. And believe me when I say that I am NO technical guru!

We will soon have to electronically send “restricted metal” to law enforcement and our ScrapWare team is already making that possible for us.

We also use the Dispatch Module and are happy with how it works.  It too is easy to use and the forms are easy for our drivers to complete.  All the reports are very detailed, easy to use and useful.  We have even had custom reports made for us and they work great.  The ScrapWare team is highly skilled and is very responsive to any problems that arise.  We have a great working relationship.

From Michael Eisner – Premier Metal Services, LLC

When you purchase Scrapware you are not only buying the best software package in our industry, but you are gaining a partner for your business.  Within 5 days of my incorporation date, the people at Scrapware had my system installed and operational.  Scrapware easily integrates with QuickBooks so my accounting needs were also met immediately.  The system was very easy to learn and as Premier Metal Services has grown Scrapware has been able to meet our needs.  When there is a technical issue, you email the architect of the software.  The technical support is instantaneous on a 24/7 basis.

In 2010 we decided to become ISO 9001 certified.  As we had our outside consultants come in to start the process we showed Scrapware to them.  Their immediate response was that the system fulfilled approximately 80% of all areas required to achieve ISO Certification.  I can’t tell you how this made ISO certification a much easier process.

With all this said, the most valuable thing about Scrapware was when a customer of mine said after only three months in business:

“There have been a few people that started up around the same time as you but you are by far the most professional.  From your contracts to your settlements you present yourself better than much larger and more established companies.”

From Tony Franceschini - ACT Services International, Inc.

We recently were introduced to a materials management software call ScrapWare, at Premier Metal Services, that provides real-time information regarding all Sales, Brokerage, Distribution, Purchasing and Transportation.

Handling and Delivery of all transactions are archived with complete identification and traceability from cradle-to-grave applications.

This software was paramount in the development and achievement of Certification to ISO 9001:2008 by Premier Metal Services, and would be a significant asset to any organization looking to become ISO Certified.

From Marc Kadish – Pacific Iron and Metal

We have been customers of ScrapWare since upgrading to their system in 2009 and have been nothing but happy with both the system and the service we have received since.  What I appreciate the most about ScrapWare is their responsiveness any time I have issues that need to be addressed.

They always get back to me quickly and continue to be readily available until the

problem is solved.   I look forward to continuing our business relationship with ScrapWare for a long time to come.

From Frank Harned – Western Scrap Processing

We have been a customer of Scrapware for  over 5 years now and I would highly recommend this software.  I came into the scrap business with no knowledge of scrap.

The Scrapware  University  module was a great hands on tool for learning the system.

The support staff at Scrapware are very knowledgeable and very responsive to our questions and concerns.

Overall, the ease of use and its platform flexibility to download to our ERP system is by far the best I have ever used. I rate Scrapware at an A+.

From Brian Powell – William F. Sullivan & Co., Inc.

ScrapWare SV changed my life 4 years ago. Let me explain:

Before ScrapWare SV, we were hand writing our scale tickets and checks. Truck dispatching was done using a yellow legal pad and a highlighter. Invoicing was run using antiquated wholesale distribution software that was new in 1985, wasn’t industry specific, and had to be modified extensively to suit the scrap business.

I quickly realized that we were working harder not smarter.

I chose ScrapWare SV because it fit well with our long established business processes and it came with the option to use Quickbooks for accounting. By my choice, the initial roll-out was slow and methodical adding new modules as we got comfortable with the previous one. The changeover went a lot smoother then I anticipated. Dave and Joe were quick to address any issues that came up along the way and had plenty of suggestions and new ideas to share. Compared to our old accounting software, Quickbooks has made the bookkeeping a pleasure. My accountant thanks me every time he sees me for making his job easier.

Today, we have all the ScrapWare SV modules installed and have started using an ATM to pay for scrap purchases in cash. Our customers love that they no longer need to go to the bank to cash or deposit their scrap checks. And because our employees never handle the ATM cash we are able to keep tight controls on the payments and keep our employees safe.

ScrapWare SV has enabled our company to keep up with the explosive growth we have experienced over the last 4 years. Although our annual tonnage has doubled, the amount of administrative hours necessary to adequately process those tons has not. That is what well designed, industry specific software should do and ScrapWare SV does it exceptionally well.

From Ben Sullivan – ScrapPartners, LLC

We began working with David and the ScrapWare team over seven years ago.

What has continued to be impressive to me is the level of professionalism, and their willingness to adapt to our company’s specific needs.  The software has made a huge impact on our business, and they continue to improve its functionality as technology advances as well as specific laws change.  David has personally flown to our corporate office and facilities on multiple occasions to brainstorm new ideas that can improve our work flow and functionality.  We could not ask for more in terms of customization or support!

From Christine Winterbottom – American Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc.

We could not be as productive as we are today without an industry-specific operating system like ScrapWare. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to increase their company’s capabilities.

Our company has relied on ScrapWare for five years and the service has been impeccable. When we decided to expand, ScrapWare was the only choice for software. We know that if we need them troubleshooting, ScrapWare is on it and the problem is fixed in no time.

From Aaron Hill – Atlantic Recycling Group, LLC

Our home office is located just a few miles from ScrapWare headquarters and we have used ScrapWare’s platform to run our business for over 18 years.  Joe and David have kept up with our desires for customized reporting and design changes as our company has grown from one location to five.

We also use ScrapWare for our transportation service company because the dispatch side works in tandem with the purchase module, while also providing the necessary DOT reporting.

We applaud ScrapWare’s effort to keep up with the ever-changing, often-infuriating and never-standardized legislative requirements that allow us to keep doing business in this environment of hyper scrutiny.

When we first signed on with ScrapWare we were using the original aqua iMac computers!  Since then we have gone full circle from PCs, back to Macs and even apps on the iPad.  ScrapWare has worked hard with our IT people to put the application on Citrix for use across locations, devices and networks.

We have come to expect a high level of flexibility and professionalism from the ScrapWare team.

From James Holden – USA Metal Recycling, LLC

When I first joined USA Metal Recycling, our company was a three yard operation that was using a 100% paper based system for everything, a basic web interface for Arkansas’ very strict and detailed law required reporting to LeadsOnline, a whiteboard for dispatch operations, and had just begun testing ScrapWare SV at one it’s yards.

Fast forward a year, and we are now a fast growing, highly integrated seven yard operation with a very well developed and professional appearance, completely seamless and totally automated law required daily reporting to LeadsOnline, and an integrated dispatch system that has dramatically simplified the handling of commercial accounts.

We are still in the final stages of putting all of the modules of ScrapWare SV into action, but it is hard to deny the completeness of this package or the level of support that comes with it.  I am convinced that when we complete our implementation, ScrapWare SV will easily and efficiently handle all aspects of buying, selling, moving, managing, and tracking our inventory.

As for the support, the very knowledgeable and helpful support staff is always available and only a phone call or email away.  I do a lot of my work at night, and I’ve emailed a lot of questions at crazy hours expecting a reply the following morning and often received an immediate response.  Installations are easy, problems are solved swiftly, and new feature requests are always taken seriously and often implemented very quickly.

ScrapWare SV was definitely the best, if not the only real choice of software for our company, and that becomes more apparent with each passing day.  We have never looked back!

From Brian Henesey – Rocky Mountain Recycling

We have operated Scrapware software for the past ten years and could not be happier. We are now on our third version and as our business has grown, Scrapware has had a valuable contribution in assisting us with this growth.

Including, but not limited to: a state of the art anti-theft reporting package, easy ATM and J-pegger interface, and a user friendly Purchasing, Shipping and Dispatch module.”

We are able to move and process so many people thru our facility everyday thanks to ScrapWare.

They have customized specific aspects of their software to work within in our processes, and are always willing and ready to make other changes we may require.

As we are in an industry that is constantly changing, Scrapware has adjusted and evolved with these changes quite well.

From Caleb Cherry – Queen City Metals, Inc.

We’ve been using the software for almost four years now.

One of the most important requirements for us is to have a system that is very stable and very reliable and the ScrapWare software has certainly lived up to that.

Also, unlike some of the other systems designed for the scrap business ScrapWare is very intuitive and is built around a logical flow – Caleb Cherry, Queen City Metals, Inc.

From Frank and Tanya Minichiello - Minichiello Bros/Scrap-It, Inc.

Two years ago, my wife and I decided to take our Scrap Yard to the next level by going electronic.

After two failed attempts with other software companies that promised us the world, we found Scrapware.

Joe & David took the time to explain that we can make Scrapware what we want it to be.

After months of customizations, phone calls, and training, we are now up and running in all 3 of our yards!

The support and information we have received from this program has surpassed our expectations.

We were promised a user friendly, customizable, reliable program, and that’s exactly what we have!

Thank you Scrapware!

From Rebecca Greller and Samantha-Greller Fordyce – Morris Iron and Steel, Inc.

Morris Iron & Steel has been head over heels with ScrapWare for the last three years.

It is crazy to think that only three years ago we ran our operation off of green bar paper, manually imputing every transaction and blue screen computers.

ScrapWare has allowed us to be one click away from retrieving a current inbound load to viewing our entire inventory.

Our favorite aspect of ScrapWare is having the ability to view all three facilities of Morris Iron with a scroll of the mouse.

Seeing current transactions from these facilities has helped us feel more in control of our day to day operation.

What really made our heart flutter was being able to integrate an ATM at our two feeder yards.

The piece of mind of not having large amounts of cash being handled by our scale operators and the fear of a robbery taking place at any moment made us rest easy.

We look forward to our future with ScrapWare and what new and exciting updates Joe and Dave constantly create to better Morris Iron & Steel.

From Vincent Costanza – All Scrap Metals, LLC

All Scrap Metals is proud to say that we have been partnered with ScrapWARE Corporation  for software to create the digital systems and controls to facilitate our Scrap Metal processing business for over 9 years. First and for most we know we can depend on David and Joe for support when we need it, with any software package the most valuable portion of the package is support, real time live one on one support is what we get from ScrapWARE. Our 9 year relationship is one of the best vendor relationships there is, always professional, prompt, and most importantly its always possible to get the solutions we need.

The Ledger Interface is a big time saver and one of the best management advantages we have ever had in any of our many business operations. Interface with our ledger system happens in real time, whenever we would like updates, usually daily. If we need reports in the middle of the day it’s a simple 2 min task to move the dollar and cents information from ScrapWARE over to our Ledger system and generate reports to give us real time accurate numbers for management decisions. We all know there are times when that can make a big difference in the bottom line.

ScrapWARE is perfectly flexible enough for the changing markets, material definitions and law enforcement regulations which are always in a changing state. The accounting and transaction controls are perfect fit for our entire business including purchasing scrap metal or salvage, selling scrap metal, shipping scrap metal, managing inventory, quoting, contracting with and keeping track of our metal suppliers, tracking our many types of containers, dispatching our trucks, keeping track of our sales & brokers, creating our export and all other supporting documents, management reports and Law Enforcement reports. ScrapWARE enables us to keep finger and eye on the pulse of our operations with information available about any aspect of our operations through a few simple clicks of the mouse, with up to min accuracy.

ScrapWARE at the purchase point is efficient at documenting transactions for Law enforcement with the ID scanning capabilities, the right information is captured on the seller for each transaction. The photo taking provides real digital evidence to protect your operations with all the documentation you need to show a chain of custody back to the seller for every line item on every purchase transaction.

ScrapWARE has been customized for us in many ways, we now upload our peddler records to a database that is searchable by Law Enforcement and this happens fully automatically without a single click on a daily basis. The auto uploading is a very big time saver we now have a fraction of the time spent working with Policeman because they can search transactions without any time from All Scrap Metals, allowing us to concentrate on our operations. We have also modified the system so that we can upload pricing information for all types of customers and do not have to manually change prices in the system. A manger updates pricing at any time across the board or on a particular item and it flows through to the cashier effortlessly. ScrapWARE has limitless flexibility because its built on the world’s leading database platform.

All Scrap Metals choice of ScrapWARE for its scrap metals system of controls may be the most important decision we have ever made. As you consider all the many tools and equipment we have purchased over the years ScrapWARE remains the standout decision to enable the control and confidence to know where we are and grow our business with confidence.  Thanks David and Joe!

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