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ScrapWare Corporation offers unsurpassed service 24x7x365. Our Product Support Staff is accessible, dependable, responsive, and on-the-ball.

Is your current software vendor providing you with the same level of service? Do they close at 5:00 p.m. and all you are able to do is leave a message for a return call the following business day?

Our research and experience has shown that customers using our ScrapWareSV software may require support at any time of the day or night, Monday through Saturday. Sometimes we may receive a call on a Sunday.

We have structured our company to promptly reply to those calls and to render assistance at the time of the call.

Supporting Your Needs

A solid 80% of our calls are related to ScrapWareSV. The remainder are hardware or network-related. For those that are un-related to ScrapWareSV, if necessary, we will enlist the help of your hardware or network vendors.

We document all incoming calls, emails and faxes. We know which cases are open and those that are closed. We constantly measure our performance to guarantee our customers that we are closing cases as quickly as possible. We are always working on ways to improve our case closure rate in order to improve your satisfaction.

Integrated Approach

Our research has shown that many industry software providers don’t have such a support system in place. Support is an afterthought.

As a result, we will put our support up against any other industry software vendor. We have an extremely well designed support model that is always evolving and improving. It is better than anything offered by our competition.

We are conscientious about everything we do and how it affects your IT investment and your bottom line. Please contact us so that we can provide you with references that backup our support claims. You can hear the stories directly from the customer. Our support works for you.

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