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SnapShell R2 License Scanner

Published by: ScrapWare    On: August 26th, 2013    In: Anti-Theft Compliance

These License Scanners recently became available.

We had one of the first evaluation devices.

They will replace the original SnapShell license scanner.

They are very fast.

Depending upon the operating system and memory of the PC they are installed upon, license scanning and decoding is 25-30% faster than the original SnapShell.

This translates into less user waiting time once a license is scanned, and quicker service rendered to a retail vendor selling their scrap.

We have tested the device extensively with our ScrapWare software. It works great.

We now have several customers now using them with ScrapWare as part of their anti-theft compliance.

The form factor of the device has also changed.

It is much more compact and less likely to get knocked over than the original SnapShell.

An image of the of the new license scanner is below:



Published by: admin    On: December 22nd, 2009    In: Blog

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