Dispatch Module

Are you efficiently managing your Truck Fleet? Do you know which drivers are the most productive and which are not? Do you know the actual time and distance that is required to service a given vendor? Are you able to easily determine the number of miles driven by your fleet in a given state for fuel tax purposes? What about activities and delays? Are you able to determine which of your vendor accounts are subject to the greatest servicing delays?

Our experience has shown that most industry truck fleet operators are not able to answer the above questions. Most truck fleets in the recycling industry are not managed efficiently, if they are managed at all. Many industry players view their truck fleets as a loss leader in order to get material. The profit on the purchase and sale of the material makes up for the loss in going out to get it.

We have seen it all—the good, the bad and the ugly. We tell our customers all the time—if you are not going to do trucking right, don’t do it all. We think that truck fleets can be operated efficiently, if you have the will and tools to do so. While we can’t make all of the costs vanish, our ScrapWareSV software is a superb tool to efficiently manage them. Contact us to schedule a Web Demo of ScrapWareSV!


  • ScrapWareSV offers the most advanced, simple-to-use system for swift processing and tracking of Dispatch Tickets
  • Standard interfaces to the Container Tracking and the Commercial Purchases module
  • Tools within the module permit efficient scheduling, fleet and driver allocation
  • Vendor servicing priorities are easily available and can be modified on-the-fly
  • Optional Interface to common GPS and Routing Software platforms
  • Calculates the composite costs service a vendor account
  • Extensive Reporting with extensive Data Export Capability
  • Color-coded, “fill-in-the-blank” design enables users with minimum training to easily and accurately prepare Dispatch Tickets


The Dispatch Module provides you with a superb tool to efficiently manage your truck fleet and the drivers that operate it. ScrapWareSV will tell you things about your fleet that you never knew before.

Based upon the above knowledge, you can then make informed decisions about your fleet.

Stop blindly writing checks to purchase more trucks and hire more drivers. Learn to efficiently manage these expensive assets—trucks and drivers.

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