Sales Module

Are you able to quickly and easily create a Packing List, Bill of Lading and Sales Invoice?

Are you able to easily prepare export documents with attached images of your material?

Do you know the extent of the discrepancy between your weights and your consumer’s weights?

Are you able to take material from your Finished Goods Inventory and place it onto a Packing List?

Our experience has shown that most industry members are not able to perform the above tasks, or they perform them on different systems (obsolete industry software, spreadsheets, or simply handwritten).

In today’s world, you have to do better than that. ScrapWareSV has the features to enable you to raise the level of your game in this crucial aspect of your business.

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ScrapWareSV offers most advanced, simple-to-use system for processing Shipments and Sales available today.

  • User-friendly design permitting rapid processing of Shipments and Sales
  • Interfaces w/ Inventory Module and Sales Contract and optional Brokerage Modules
  • Allows for an unlimited number of commodity line items per Shipment
  • Supports multiple Units of Measure per Commodity line item
  • Supports multiple Shipments per Invoice
  • Printed output of Sales documents may be customized to your specifications
  • Color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation to ensure accurate data entry
  • Seamless integration with Contracts and Inventory modules
  • Extensive Reporting with extensive Data Export Capability
  • Ledger Interface to industry-leading third-party ledger packages (QuickBooks Pro, Great Plains, MAS, etc.)
  • Optional Hardware Interfaces to Electronic Scales, Digital Cameras and Barcode Readers for scanning barcode tags for Finished Goods


The Sales Module provides you with tight control over your shipment and sales process.

In addition, this module seamlessly integrates with the Sales Contract, Inventory and Brokerage and Inventory modules allowing you to derive the benefits of “First-time Final” data capture.  Reports are produced that provide an accurate picture of commodity sales and consumer activity across one or more yards. In short, the reporting enables you to get a handle on what you have sold, who you sold it to and where the shipment took place.

ScrapWareSV enables you to make intelligent and informed decisions as to what you should be shipping to a given consumer.

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