Quotes & Contracts Module

Do you know all of the purchase and sales deals you are working on? Do you know which vendors you have quoted? Which quotes were converted to Purchase Contracts? Which quotes went nowhere? Are you able to easily determine which vendors delivered upon contracted tonnages and which did not? Are you able to rapidly setup your new Sales Contracts for the front month? Are you able to easily determine your Sales Contract positions?

Our studies have shown that most industry members only know this crucial information for their Sales Contracts. Deals to purchase material are often poorly documented, if they are documented at all. This leads to confusion and delay at the scale when and if you vendor delivers material. Contact us to schedule a Web Demo of ScrapWareSV!


  • ScrapWareSV offers most advanced, simple-to-use system for tracking Quotes and Contracts available today.
  • User-friendly design that expedites processing of Purchase or Sales Quotes and Contracts
  • Multiple Units of Measure per Commodity line item
  • Supports quotes with open weights or open pricing
  • Supports Formula Pricing linked to a Price Book (AMM, Iron Age, etc.)
  • Supports recurring Quotes and/or Contracts for the same vendor or consumer
  • Quote may be converted to a Contract
  • Purchase and Sales Contracts can be related together to establish Brokerages
  • Interfaces with Purchase and Sales Modules
  • Extensive Reporting with extensive Data Export Capability
  • Color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation ensures accurate data entry


The Quotes and Contracts module provides you with a system to rapidly process and keep track of the myriad quotes you may issue to Commercial vendors, as well as the Contracts that you receive from your Consumers. You can convert a Quote into a Contract with minimum re-typing.

Knowledge of this critical information enables your traders to be more productive and to make better decisions.

ScrapWareSV enables you to measure your vendor performance against “promised delivery tonnages”. If they don’t deliver what they say they will, you can start making deals with pricing that reflects what they have really delivered.

ScrapWareSV enables you to make rational decisions as to what to ship to what consumer, especially with rising or falling markets.

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