Purchases Module

When you purchase material, you must be able to perform this task as quickly and efficiently as possible. You must also be compliant with an ever-increasing list of federal, state and local anti-theft laws. In addition, you must provide deterrents against internal theft by dishonest employees and external theft by people that want to steal your cash.

Our studies have shown that Purchasing has become the most intricate activity that is performed by any recycling business. We have also found very few industry players that excel at all of the above. Horror stories abound. Call us and we will relate many of them to you.

Purchasing is where you make your money. Above all, you must, without fail, “buy it right”. However, if you fail to comply with applicable anti-theft laws, you can be fined or even shut down. Mastery of all of the above is critical in today’s economic and regulatory environments.

ScrapWareSV has an extremely shallow learning curve and enables you to perform all of the above. Anyone with limited computer skills can quickly learn to operate this module. ScrapWareSV is also flexible enough to keep you ahead of the curve with regard to ever-expanding anti-theft laws. Contact us to schedule a Web Demo of ScrapWareSV!


  • The most advanced, simple-to-use point of purchase system available today
  • User-friendly design permitting rapid processing of Purchase Tickets
  • Supports both Retail and Industrial/Commercial Purchases and Settlements
  • Common hardware interfaces: Drivers License Scanner, Thumbprint Scanner, Signature Capture Pad, Network or Standalone Scales, Network Digital Cameras, Touchscreens and ATM’s
  • Supports an unlimited number of “work in progress” or “Incomplete” Tickets
  • Weighing, Pricing and Cashier functions may be distributed across several users and/or PCs or yards
  • Provides for simultaneous purchase transactions at multiple yards or companies
  • Seamless integration with Contracts and Inventory modules
  • Extensive Reporting with extensive Data Export Capability
  • Extensive Anti-Theft Compliance Reporting (easily-modified because laws do change)
  • Ledger Interface to industry-leading third-party ledger packages (QuickBooks Pro, Great Plains, MAS, etc.)
  • Color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation to ensure accurate data entry


The Purchases Module provides two (2) key benefits: Tight control over your purchasing process and Anti-Theft Compliance. Other benefits include a reasonable level of deterrence against internal and external theft.

ScrapWareSV allows you to totally document all aspects of a purchase transaction. New employees can quickly and easily learn to operate this module.

You can then focus upon product identification and “buying it right”.

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