The first available iPhone app for the recycling industry, iScrapWare®SV enables users to remotely obtain critical business information from their ScrapWare®SV installations directly on their Apple® wireless device.

This includes the iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch.

iScrapWare®SV liberates you from your office, while enabling you to interact with your ScrapWare®SV data on the world’s best-selling smartphone.

We have dubbed it Your ScrapWare® Everywhere.

Our studies have shown that our customers access their ScrapWare®SV data from their office PC’s, home PC’s, and from laptops or public terminals while they are on the road.

Our customers have also expressed an interest in accessing vendor data – while meeting face-to-face with the vendor, without cumbersome piles of paper reports.

In short, they want constant access to their ScrapWare®SV data.

In creating iScrapWare®SV, we have leveraged the ever-increasing power of smart phones to break new ground in data accessibility for the recycling industry.

In choosing the iPhone, we selected one of the most stable, intuitive smartphone platforms available.

iScrapWare®SV has an extremely shallow learning curve.  Anyone who can operate ScrapWare®SV reports and an iPhone has essentially mastered iScrapWare®SV.  It is a dramatic leap forward in remote data access.

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  • The most advanced, simple-to-use remote data access system available for the Recycling Industry
  • User-friendly design that leverages the iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch to display ScrapWare®SV data
  • Supports access to Customer data
  • Supports access to Container data
  • Supports access to Contract data
  • Supports access to common ScrapWare®SV Reports
  • Supports access to common ScrapWare®SV Graphs


Get liberated from your desktop PC!

iScrapWare®SV enables your mobile employees to remotely access critical business data using their iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch quickly and easily. These employees would include Traders, Buyers and Executives.

Your ScrapWare® Everywhere.

Eliminates the need to remember, print and transport cumbersome paper reports in advance of vendor or consumer meetings.

Make important business decisions without having to be at your office or in front of a PC.

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