Inventory Module

Do you know the tonnage of raw, unprocessed material that you have in stock and ready to be sold? How about finished goods? Do you know how many bales, boxes, drums or pallets of material you have in stock and ready to be sold? How about Work in Progress (WIP) inventory?

Do you know anything about it?  If you don’t know anything about the above, it is impossible for you to determine your Overall Inventory Position.

Our experience has shown that some companies have some concrete idea of one aspect of their Inventory—usually Finished Goods. Most, however, don’t have a handle on any aspect of their Inventory. They are very good at buying and selling. Inventory is something they deal with at the end of the fiscal year.

Today’s marketplace demands that you know the details about your Inventory. It enables you to manage and market it more efficiently in order to gain top dollar when you sell it. Contact us to schedule a Web Demo of ScrapWareSV!


  • ScrapWareSV offers the most advanced, simple-to-use system for Inventory setup and maintenance
  • This module is comprised of Re-grades, Transfers and Finished Goods
  • Re-grade function allows you to re-grade a purchased raw material into a finished good commodity or into another commodity with weights and/or costs
  • Transfers function allows you to move material from yard to yard or division to division, with or without cost.
  • Finished Goods allows you to place processed, packaged finished goods into Finished Goods Inventory.
  • Barcode tags can be printed for any item in Finished Goods Inventory. Barcode tags can then be scanned when items are shipped.
  • Seamless Automatic Interface to Purchase and Sales modules, no internal posting required
  • Extensive Reporting with extensive Data Export Capability
  • Color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation ensures accurate data entry


The Inventory Module provides you with the critical knowledge of this aspect of your business.

This data produced by this module will shine a light on this aspect of your business. It provides you with critical knowledge pertaining to what materials are moving and those that are not.

You can therefore make informed decisions regarding processing and material handling equipment. There is no need to blindly write a check for that baler or shear just because you think you have more material to process. Look at the facts and make and make a better decision.

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