Container Tracking Module

Do you know the location of all of your containers and boxes? Where they are and how long they have been there? Which customers are turning over your containers and which are not?

Which customers are damaging your assets and those that are not? Our studies have shown that most industry members don’t know this crucial information. The default solution is to simply buy more rolling stock. That does not solve the problem, it only perpetuates it. Contact us to schedule a Web Demo of ScrapWareSV!


  • ScrapWareSV offers most advanced, simple-to-use system for tracking Containers and Trailers available today.
  • User-friendly design permitting rapid tracking of Containers and Trailers
  • Determines container location and duration at location
  • Allows you to determine container and vendor turnover
  • Seamless automatic interface with optional Truck Dispatch module
  • Extensive Reporting with extensive Data Export Capability
  • Color-coded user interface, extensive pop-up menus and field validation ensures accurate data entry


The Container/Trailer Tracking Module provides you with tight control over your containers and trailers. Management reports are produced that provide exact asset location, time at location, and turnover rate.

Knowledge of this critical information enables you to more effectively manage these expensive assets. Stop blindly writing checks to purchase more rolling stock that is not properly managed.

ScrapWareSV enables you to make intelligent and informed decisions whether to add more rolling stock, or reduce what you allocate to non-performing accounts.

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