ScrapWare Corporation Introduces ScrapQuest – A New Tool to Cut the Costs of Recycling Truck Fleet Operations

Published by: ScrapWare    On: November 21st, 2016    In: News

ROCKVILLE, MD – ScrapWare Corporation, the developer of ScrapWare® software, the leading brand of software for the recycling industry, has announced a new tool that will help recycling companies dramatically reduce the costs of their truck fleet operations: ScrapQuest™.

“The recycling industry has long struggled to control expenses associated with excess fuel usage, driver overtime and vehicle maintenance,” said Joseph Floam, President of ScrapWare Corporation. “ScrapQuest™ makes it easy for them to reduce costs by planning more efficient routes.”

ScrapQuest™ is designed to help reduce average travel distance, route planning time and dispatcher hours, and to instantly solve complex routing and dispatch problems. By helping companies make improvements in overall route planning, ScrapQuest™ will help recycling operations run their truck fleets more efficiently.

Developed in conjunction with strategic partner RouteSmart, a leader in vehicle route optimization software technology, ScrapQuest™ integrates seamlessly with RouteSmart’s Routing as a Service application. The dispatch module add-on tool is available now for customers running ScrapWareSV2/Cloud. It can also be retrofitted to on-premises versions of ScrapWareSV2 and ScrapWareSV.

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ScrapWare Corporation is the developer of ScrapWare® software – the leading brand of software for the recycling industry. With a combined 30 years of experience and a global customer base, ScrapWare Corporation is highly attuned with the technology marketplace and its impact on recycling operations. Since 1989, ScrapWare software has helped reduce transaction processing costs while creating meaningful reports that provide recycling companies with greater insight into their operations.

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