SnapShell R2 License Scanner

Published by: ScrapWare    On: August 26th, 2013    In: Anti-Theft Compliance

These License Scanners recently became available.

We had one of the first evaluation devices.

They will replace the original SnapShell license scanner.

They are very fast.

Depending upon the operating system and memory of the PC they are installed upon, license scanning and decoding is 25-30% faster than the original SnapShell.

This translates into less user waiting time once a license is scanned, and quicker service rendered to a retail vendor selling their scrap.

We have tested the device extensively with our ScrapWare software. It works great.

We now have several customers now using them with ScrapWare as part of their anti-theft compliance.

The form factor of the device has also changed.

It is much more compact and less likely to get knocked over than the original SnapShell.

An image of the of the new license scanner is below:


Autonomous Truck Fleets and Their Implications for the Recycling Business

Published by: ScrapWare    On: August 12th, 2013    In: Blog, Truck Dispatch and Containers

Recently, The Wall Street Journal published an article about the above subject.

After the technology was described, its application was discussed with several over-the-road trucking companies.

The implications for those types of companies were simply staggering.

It’s implications for the recycling business are equally so.

The vast majority of our customers maintain their own truck fleets.  These fleets are used more or less locally to service industrial/commercial accounts.  This service is provided as a courtesy because local accounts usually don’t have the means to deliver material directly.

There are specialized trucks that drop off and pickup various types of containers. (i.e. roll off trucks).  A lot of this work occurs very early in the morning or at odd hours in order to avoid rush hour traffic.

Some of our customers truly excel at running their truck fleets.  Their trucks and containers are in top shape, and their drivers are equally presentable.

Other customers don’t run their fleets at a very high level.

In any case, our customers have setup a Dispatch infrastructure in order to manage their truck fleets.  When a customer calls in for service, that call is usually routed to a Dispatcher.  The Dispatcher then enters the pertinent information in their ScrapWare software to start the process.  ScrapWare maintains records of Driver as well as Truck fleet performance.

Regardless of the above, all of our customers find running their fleets to be a necessary headache.

The bane of our customer’s fleets are the drivers themselves.

Examples that we have seen include:  Tardiness, Not showing up for work, failing drug tests, disappearing in the middle of the day, taking material to a competitor, unsafe driving, etc., etc.  The list is endless.

Our customers expend a great deal of time, energy and resources in order make sure the trucks are properly staffed.

But what if there was a means to eliminate the driver entirely?  In short, take them out of the loop while using existing rolling stock?

Basis the WSJ article, that day may not be that far off.

If and when that occurs, many things would change.  One or more Dispatchers could be dispatching autonomous trucks based upon service requests.  Roll off trucks may originate from a leased pool of trucks, etc., etc.

Perhaps the biggest change would be that an entire cost center for a recycling business would be eliminated, resulting in increased profitability.


The Washington Monument – Covered in Scaffolding

Published by: ScrapWare    On: May 13th, 2013    In: Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

ScrapWare Corporation is located north of Washington, DC.

As a result, and from time to time, we find ourselves downtown.

In August 2011, Washington, DC experienced a rare temblor.

This event damaged the Washington Monument.

The stonework that comprises the monument was subject to cracking both inside and out.

Basis above, the monument was declared unsafe and closed to visitors since then.

A detailed survey of the monument was then performed, and all of the damage was documented.

Recently, aluminum or steel scaffolding was installed around the iconic obelisk.

The scaffolding was installed at a rate of ten (10) feet per day and was recently completed.

The most difficult part of the job was covering the top of the obelisk.

Now that the scaffolding is in place, it will allow the stonemasons to perform repairs.

The work is expected to take about two (2) years.

The monument is literally a pile of stones.  There is no existing mortar between them.

There is now more metal surrounding the monument than there is inside of it.

It makes us wonder which local scrap yard will purchase the scaffolding once the project is completed?

The photo below was taken near the intersection of 14th Street and Independence Ave.


Quick Facts – Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Published by: ScrapWare    On: April 2nd, 2013    In: Blog, Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal

Examples of nonferrous metals include Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc and several others.

They don’t lose their chemical or physical properties during the recycling process.

Basis the above, they can be recycled infinitely.

Nonferrous scrap is consumed by secondary smelters, refiners, ingot makers and foundries worldwide.

Nonferrous metals are used in a vast array of finished products – from batteries, to automobiles to appliances to construction materials.

Some of the most expensive metal thefts we have heard about involve nonferrous metals.

This is the reason nonferrous scrap is subject to an ever-increasing array of anti-theft laws on a state by state basis.


Theft of a Bridge

Published by: ScrapWare    On: March 25th, 2013    In: Anti-Theft Compliance

We hear a lot of theft and anti-theft stories on a daily basis from our customers.

Our ScrapWare software enables our customers to comply with local and state anti-theft laws.

We also receive the ISRI Theft Alerts via email.

Some of these are pretty mundane.  Theft of copper downspouts, theft of spools of wire, etc.

Every once in a while, we come across a metal theft story that is truly incredible.

The image below is from a bridge that used to be in Turkey.

It was 82-foot long, and weighed about 22 tons.  It spanned a creek.

It was removed from its pilings, dismantled and disappeared.  Overnight.

It was there at sundown and gone at dawn.


Quick Facts – Ferrous Scrap Metal

Published by: ScrapWare    On: March 13th, 2013    In: Ferrous Scrap Metal

As an ISRI Member, we recently received “The ISRI Scrap Yearbook 2012″.  We took some time to open it up and read it.

There are some fascinating facts contained in this booklet.

From time to time, we will present them on our blog.

Ferrous scrap is comprised of iron and steel scrap.

It comes from two (2) sources – obsolete scrap and prompt scrap.

Obsolete ferrous scrap is sourced from cars, steel structures, appliances, railroad tracks, ships and many other sources.

Prompt scrap  is generated from the manufacturing process.  This type of scrap accounts for about 50% of the ferrous scrap supply.

When we visit a customer running our ScrapWare software, we often see both types of the above.

This is especially the case if our customer is running a shredder.

Slabbed or crushed cars, as seen below, are fed into the shredder.  In a matter a seconds, a car is reduced to fist-sized pieces of metal.

From time to time, a car explodes in the shredder.

We have witnessed such events.  This occurs when a gas tank is not removed prior to shredding.  Or, in the case of race cars, when a nitrogen bottle is not removed prior to shredding.

The shredded material is then shipped by truck, rail or barge to a steel mill.  At the mill, the shredder material is melted in an electric arc furnace and turned into new steel products used once again in the manufacturing process.

Ferrous scrap is the most recycled material in the world.  In the U.S. alone, approximately 74 million metric tons of ferrous scrap was processed in 2012 by the scrap recycling industry.


ScrapWare Corporation to exhibit at ISRI 2013 Convention & Exposition Booth #312

Published by: ScrapWare    On: February 11th, 2013    In: Blog, ISRI Convention and Exposition

Rockville, Maryland February 11, 2013:  ScrapWare Corporation will exhibiting at the 2013 ISRI Convention and Exposition at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from April 10– April 12, 2013.  Booth #312

Visitors to the booth can see the latest version of ScrapWare software – The #1 Brand of Software for the Recycling Industry.

In addition, booth staff will be on hand to show attendees how ScrapWare software can enable them to comply with current state and local anti-theft regulations, as well as possible future federal anti-theft laws.

The booth will be open during the following dates and times:  Wednesday, April 10 from 630 to 930 PM, Thursday, April 11 from 930 AM to 600 PM and Friday, April 12 from 900 AM to 430 PM.

Based in Rockville, Maryland ScrapWare Corporation, now celebrating its 24th anniversary, is the developer of ScrapWare® software—the #1 Brand of Software for the Recycling Industry.


Hats Off! Or What Happens to Our Promotional Items…

Published by: ScrapWare    On: October 17th, 2012    In: Blog, ScrapWare Promotional Items

We do wonder what becomes of the “ScrapWare”-branded promotional items that we have given away over the years.

Sometimes we see them at customer offices or in a scalehouse.

We gave this hat to a customer in mid-2011.  We saw him wearing it during a recent visit.

It looks like it has been worn daily since we gave it to him.

It took us a few seconds to realize it was one of our hats.  They are in pristine condition when we give them away.

You just can’t get out-of-the-box patina and wear that looks this authentic.

And we thought that was very cool.


ScrapWare Corp – ISRI 2012 Booth Raffle/Scrap-O-Caster

Published by: ScrapWare    On: April 12th, 2012    In: Blog

We wanted to advise you of our ISRI 2012 Booth Raffle.

It is not an iPad.  We started that trend at the 2010 show and continued it in 2011.  The 2012 show floor will be full of iPad raffles.

iPads are insanely great.  However, as a booth raffle, we think it has run its course.

For the 2012 show, we decided to do something different.  Really different.

We wanted an iconic item that was built to last.  We selected a Fender American Standard Stratocaster guitar.

These guitars have been in continuous production in California since 1954.  They were present at the dawn of Rock-n-Roll and have rocked the world ever since.

If you listened to any Rock, Blues or Pop music today, you heard a Stratocaster.

To mark the release of ScrapWareSV2, we commissioned a custom paint job for this guitar.

It also pays tribute to the icons and branding we have created over the years for our ScrapWare software.

Washington Music Center furnished a difficult-to-find white Strat.  Rick Giarmo of Guitar Guru created an awesome piece of playable art.

The guitar has been reassembled and is in transit to Las Vegas at this time.  We have not yet seen it or played it.

We have seen the work-in-progress photos.  These are posted on our Facebook page.

There will be nothing like it on the show floor.  We will be displaying it at our booth and at our Cocktail Party.

With proper care, it will easily last for decades.

It is as distinctive and unique as our ScrapWare software and the service behind it.

For our customers, please visit Booth #1725, say hello, check out ScrapWareSV2 and pick up a raffle ticket.

For our prospective customers, please visit our booth and we will give you a raffle ticket after you have done a Floor Demo or a Private Demo of ScrapWareSV2.

The drawing will be held on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 130 PM PT at our booth.  You must be present to win.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.


ScrapWareSV2 – The Icons

Published by: ScrapWare    On: March 31st, 2012    In: Blog

ScrapWare®SV2, the newest, state-of-the-art software for the recycling industry, is on its way.

Rawhide was the development codename selected for this version of ScrapWare.

As is our custom, we had identity icons created for Rawhide and for ScrapWareSV2 .

The Rawhide icon appears below:

Rawhide has now been named ScrapWareSV2. It is an all-new version of ScrapWare with many exciting Features and Benefits.

The SV2 icon appears below:

We will be exhibiting at the ISRI 2012 Convention & Exhibition in Booth #1725 from April 16 – April 18, 2012. We will be demonstrating ScrapWareSV2 at the show.
This is little over 100 years to the day when the era of the Old West ended.

If you are attending ISRI 2012, please come to Booth #1725, take a look, and tell us what you think.   We value your opinion and want you to see it early.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know and we can offer you a Web Demo after the show.


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