Cloud Computing with ScrapWare® Software

Published by: ScrapWare    On: November 26th, 2013    In: Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows companies to minimize upfront infrastructure costs, and focus on things that differentiate their businesses instead of infrastructure.  Cloud computing allows companies to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance.

In the traditional “own” market, your Return on Investment (ROI) could require significant payback time when factoring in the consulting fees, installation services, etc. We have seen many cases where these decisions are both difficult and time-consuming for a recycling business.

Companies now need to demonstrate ROI very quickly.  Legacy software and hardware can’t keep up with multi-tenant, “instant on” and “instant off” cloud software, where up front expenditure is minimal and ROI is much faster.

Thanks to the power of the cloud, businesses can share computing power across platforms and there is a diminishing need to install complex, expensive boxes to house and maintain software.

The cloud version of our ScrapWare software is identical to that of our on-premises server version.  There is no need to accept fewer features for the sake of simplicity and the shorter ROI/instant gratification that is offered by the cloud.

If you have a reliable internet connection, our cloud version of ScrapWare may be for you.  If not, the on-premises server version of ScrapWare will do the job equally well.

Our ScrapWare software provides recycling businesses the option to rent software a software solution rather than purchase it.  This is superb solution for any company of any size in the recycling industry – Small companies just starting out, Midsize companies that are growing and Large companies that have multiple yards.

Regardless of how you deploy ScrapWare, you will still need desktop PC hardware, Touchscreen displays, Anti-Theft Compliance hardware (License Scanners, Signature Pads, Thumbprint Pads and Cameras) and printers.

Companies are adopting shared economy services for the benefits stated above.

Thus, the “rented business” has become a reality:  You pay for what you need, and are not stuck with what you don’t.

** Portions this blog entry were excerpted from an article in the Wall Street Journal article entitled “The Rented Business: The Shareconomy Hits IT Infrastructure” **



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