Quick and Interesting Facts about the U.S. Scrap Recycling Industry

Published by: ScrapWare On: September 25th, 2013 In: Blog, U.S. Recycling Industry

The Institute of Scrap and Recycling Industries (ISRI), put out some interesting numbers from one of its recent studies:

The U.S. scrap recycling industry accounts for 462,780 direct and indirect jobs and represents more than $87 billion annually in economic activity.

The industry generates about $4 billion in state and local revenues annually and another $6.3 billion in federal taxes.

The scrap recycling industry provides for 0.55 percent of the nation’s total economic activity.

Exports comprise 39 percent of the industry’s economic activity, creating approximately 185,000 jobs and generating $33.9 billion in economic benefits

One can conclude from this study, that relative to its size, the U.S. scrap recycling industry generates a tremendous amount of economic activity.

As more electronic and non-metallic materials are recycled, the above numbers can be expected to increase.

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