Frozen Demolition Scrap Metal

Published by: ScrapWare On: February 13th, 2014 In: Blog, Truck Dispatch and Containers

Here is a photo of a pile of scrap metal from a building demolition in Rockville, MD.

This photo was taken during a brutal cold snap.  As a result of the extreme weather, not much work was being done at the site.

This material was from the inside of the building and looks to be comprised mainly of aluminum.


The material was placed into a roll off container and sent to the scrap yard where it was baled and sold.

Since the photo was taken, the pace of the demolition has increased.  Several roll off containers have since been placed at the site and the building is coming down.

Scrap metal recycling companies are an important component of the demolition process.  They have the equipment and skills to store, cut-up and move the scrap metal generated by demolition projects.

Many of our customers use the ScrapWare Dispatch and Container Tracking modules to assist them in purchasing scrap from these types of industrial accounts.

ScrapWare generates the Dispatch Tickets used to move the containers onto the job site and keeps track of the containers at the job site.

Once a full container is returned to the scrap yard, ScrapWare handles the purchase of the material and prepares the Settlement, payment and the detailed reporting that will be sent to the demolition contractor.

This type of “end-to-end” or “cradle-to-grave” workflow provided by ScrapWare enables our customers to be very efficient at handling purchases from any type of industrial/commercial account.

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